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Infusing Vital Capital Into Healthcare Real Estate

About Us

IV Capital Partners is a leading institutional alternative asset manager based in Southern California with regional-partner offices across the United States. IV Capital Partners principals have a collective 40+ years of investing experience with more than $4 billion real estate and capital markets experience. Our principals have acquired over $400 million in healthcare real estate investments over the last six years with institutional capital and managed over 1.5 million square feet with our vertically integrated assets with our asset and property management team.  We are an investor-centric firm focused on both institutional capital joint ventures as well as private capital and tax-advantaged real estate investments.  IV Capital Partners places its investors first, starting with stable, resilient investments poised to perform in both successful and challenging economic environments.

DST Investments

Many investors get to a point in their lives where they choose not to continue to operate their real estate assets in an active capacity. While some are engaged in estate planning and want to leave the equity and income stream to heirs, who may not be prepared or have the desire to actively manage such assets, others may be ready to take a little more time for themselves.

Investment Funds

IV Capital Partners Funds provides passive investment income opportunities for accredited investors including high-net-worth individuals, family trusts, foundations, and institutional investors. We offer an array of investment options to match your individual risk-return profile. Our structured, real estate-centric, debt and equity funds are deployed for the acquisition or development of commercial real estate.

Managed Private Client Ownership

Our Managed-Private-Client Ownership program is a structured real estate investment vehicle for investors who want to invest directly with a turn-key package of services for acquiring, financing, and managing a customized portfolio of commercial properties. You will be presented with properties best matching your stated criteria, including pricing and cash flow projections.  This option is best for investors who want majority ownership or sole ownership with a passive experience. We coordinate directly with your exchange accommodator so the identification and exchange process are seamless. This “turn-key” strategy also includes all legal work, escrow and closing, and we provide a tax opinion for investors who are in a 1031 exchange.

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